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Burne-Jones, Edward - Love Among the Ruins

Burne-Jones, Edward - Sibylla Delphica

Burne-Jones, Edward - The Beguiling of Merlin (1874)

Burne-Jones, Edward - The Council Chamber

Burne-Jones, Edward - The Departure of the Knights

Burne-Jones, Edward - The Depths of the Sea

Burne-Jones, Edward - The Doom Fulfilled

Burne-Jones, Edward - The Garden Court

Burne-Jones, Edward - The Garden of the Hesperides

Burne-Jones, Edward - The Merciful Knight

Burne-Jones, Edward - The Rock of Doom

Burne-Jones, Edward - The Sleeping Princess

Burne-Jones, Edward - The Wedding of Psyche

Burne-Jones, Edward - The Wizard



Draper, Herbert - A Water Baby

Draper, Herbert - Sea Melodies

Draper, Herbert - The Lament for Icarus

Draper, Herbert - Ulysses and the Sirens



Egley, William Maw - The Lady of Shalott (1858)



Grimshaw, John Atkinson - The Lady of Shalott (1878)



Hughes, Arthur - The Lady of Shalott (1873)

Hughes, Arthur - A Music Party

Hughes, Arthur - Sir Galahad



Hunt, William Holman – The Lady of Shalott



Leighton, Frederic - Flaming June (1895)

Leighton, Frederic - The Fisherman and the Siren



Meteyard, John Sidney - The Lady of Shalott (1913)



Michael, Frederick Howard – Titania



Millais, John Everett - Christ in the House of his Parents (1850)

Millais, John Everett - Lorenzo and Isabella (1849)

Millais, John Everett - Ophelia (1852)



Morris, William - Iris Textile Design (1885)



Poynter, Sir Edward - Cave of the Storm Nymphs



Rae, Henrietta - Hylas and the Water Nymphs



Rossetti, Dante Gabriel - A Sea Spell

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel - La Pia de Tolomei

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel - The Daydream (1880)

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel - The Girlhood of Mary Virgin (1849)

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel - Venus Verticordia

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel - Veronica Veronese



Sandys, Frederick - Medea (1866-68)

Sandys, Frederick - Morgan le Fay (1864)



Stillman, Marie Spartail - The Enchanted Garden of Messer Ansaldo



Strudwick, John - Gentle Music of a Bygone Day (1890)

Strudwick, John – When Apples Were Golden and Songs Were Sweet



Tadema, Lawrence Alma - A Favorite Custom

Tadema, Lawrence Alma - A Kiss

Tadema, Lawrence Alma - Anthony and Cleopatra

Tadema, Lawrence Alma - Ask me no more

Tadema, Lawrence Alma - Bacchanal  (1871)

Tadema, Lawrence Alma - Egyptian Juggler

Tadema, Lawrence Alma - The Frigidarium

Tadema, Lawrence Alma - Unconscious Rivals



Waterhouse, John William - The Lady of Shalott (1888)

Waterhouse, John William - The Lady of Shalott (1894)

Waterhouse, John William - The Lady of Shalott (1916)

Waterhouse, John William - A Hamadryad (1893)

Waterhouse, John William - A Mermaid

Waterhouse, John William - A Mermaid (1892-1900)

Waterhouse, John William - A Naiad (1893)

Waterhouse, John William - A Tale from the Decameron (1916)

Waterhouse, John William - Ariadne (1898)

Waterhouse, John William - Circe Invidiosa (1892)

Waterhouse, John William - From the Sea

Waterhouse, John William - Hylas and the Nymphs (1896)

Waterhouse, John William – Juliet

Waterhouse, John William – Ophelia (1894)

Waterhouse, John William – St. Cecilia

Waterhouse, John William – St. Eulalia (1885)

Waterhouse, John William - The Awakening of Adonis (1899)

Waterhouse, John William - The Magic Circle (1886)

Waterhouse, John William - The Missal


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